What is E-juice? Project Vape

If you think that is another form of smoking, then you’re wrong. Vaping is not smoking. It is an e-liquid that is converted into vapor. It consists of 5 ingredients:

Vegetable Glycerine

The based content of e juice about 80 to 90% is comprised of 100% VG or can be a mixture of PG. It is usually 100% VG, 50/05 of VG/PG or 80/20 PG/VG. It is widely present in food and care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.

Propylene glycol

This is mix with VG as based for e-liquid. This is a type of solvent that could produce clouds in the form of vapor. However, PG tends to result in the dry throat and can cause some allergic reactions to some people. If you recognized some issues with PG, you could use 100% VG for e-liquid.

10 to 20% Flavor

E-liquids have different flavors, and it is like what we used in baking and candy making. It is available in various flavors like natural and artificial, e.g., vanilla, cherry, cheesecake, tobacco, cinnamon, and apple.

0 to 2.4% Nicotine

Some suppliers of e-liquid put a specific grade of nicotine, and this also depends on strength. This is sometimes an addictive ingredient, but in moderate level to avoid an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and affecting the central nervous system.

Distilled water

This is used for diluting if necessary.

This is safe to use as compared to the 4000+ chemicals that cigarettes contain which are poisonous and causes cancer due to its chemical content. VG has thick, sweet vegetable liquid that is non-toxic and uses as an additive in different types of medicine. It is less dangerous and non-pollutant like cigarettes. It is safe to use, but be sure to use the quality ones. Focus on the quality when buying and make the right choice.



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